Committed to providing you, your team, and your organization with the highest quality consulting and management support services.

Alan Guttman

With over thirty years of dedicated service to early care and education programs, I strive to ensure the highest quality services and outcomes for young children, families, and the programs that serve them.  My experience as a program director, education specialist, federal Head Start program reviewer, parent educator, college instructor, and preschool teacher informs my thinking and practice.  An in-depth understanding of federal and state requirements for Head Start, preschool, and birth to twelve child care programs assures a focus on program quality and compliance.  I believe it is fundamental to listen to the goals and aspirations of you and your team and for my services to reflect and build on the strengths and human resources of your organization to achieve those goals and fulfill those aspirations.


Head Start's Immeasurable Impacts

Keynote Address

Florida Head Stat Association

Annual Training Conference

April 17, 2013 - Orlando, FL

"Alan's abilities are many, he is: innovative, resourceful, articulate, creative, visionary, politically astute, and above all 'willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done' - and well."

Ellenor Hodson, Former Director of Head Start for the 

                             Riverside County Office of Education